Rethinking Multiculturalism
Bhikhu Parekh

Introduction For Bhikhu Parekh, professor of political theory at the University of Hull and one of the most eminent Asian academics in Britain, multiculturalism is an unsatisfactory word. It is a word that many people are afraid of, being associated as it is, largely with blacks and Asians. In short, "multiculturalism" is no longer suitable to describe a Britain that hosts so many cultural contradictions.

In a country which has deeply nationalistic elements alongside one of the highest rates of mixed-race marriage in Europe, the word "multiculturalism" is liable to ignite latent divisions.

In this lecture delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Parekh attempts to redefine the concept and address the deep fear of multiculturalism that resides in modern society.

Bhikhu Parekh considers multiculturalism in Britain today.

This video recording was taken from a lecture delivered at the London School of Economics on November 9, 2000.