Remaking Eden
Lee Silver

Have we fully grasped the ethical implications of recent advances in genetic engineering and cloning? Lee Silver, professor of molecular biology at Princeton University, argues that the potential benefits of these new genetic technologies for infertile couples and children with certain incurable disorders are immeasurable, yet they are easily exploited. The technology is not self-limiting and the line between providing cures for certain conditions and diseases and artificially enhancing an embryo is indistinct. Silver acknowledges that regulating and limiting access to these technologies will prove difficult. In America's particular marketplace, regulation that is perceived to impinge on private liberties would not be taken kindly. However, at what point does potential risk to the rest of society outweigh the benefits provided to individual children?

Lee Silver discusses the ethical and scientific ramifications of human cloning and new reproductive technologies.


This feature is taken from a lecture delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science on January 22, 1998. Copyright, The London School of Economics and Political Science.