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Fathom seminars are structured according to a set of specific learning objectives and provide an opportunity to examine a subject in greater depth. Rich in media, they offer an extended set of articles with discussion topics, reference links and 'thinking points' for further reflection. Example 1 and example 2.

Author Department Title Source
Stephan Feuchtwang (Professor) Anthropology Popular Religion in China Text; Photographs and image of paper clothing
Gerben Bakker (Dr.) Economic History Between Europe and America: The Battle for Early Film Text; images and table
Tim Forsyth (Dr.) Geography and Environment Sustainable Tourism Text; photographs and table
Eric Neumayer (Dr.) Geography and Environment Next Stop Environmental Paradise? Text; video stills; photos; illustrations
Yvonne Rydin (Dr.) Geography and Environment Conserving Biodiversity Text; video:short documentary; video stills
Giles Atkinson Geography and Environment Biodiversity: An Economic Approach Text; video: short documentary; video stills; table
Sumantra Bose (Dr.) Government The Conflict in Kashmir Map; video: interview; Flash: timeline; photographs
Sumantra Bose (Dr.) Government Trouble in the Balkans Text; Map; Flash: timeline; video:interview; photographs
Joan-Pau Rubies (Dr.) and Mia Rodriguez-Salgado (Professor) International History Kingship in the Early Modern World Text; Images: paintings, illustration, maps; video: interviews
Anita Prazmowska (Dr.) International History Poland's Century: War, Communism and Anti-Semitism Text; photographs; plan/map; audio
Katerina Dalacoura (Dr.) International Relations The Middle East and the West: Misunderstandings and Stereotypes Text and Images
Chris Brown (Professor) International Relations A Clash of Ideologies? Al Qaeda, America and Academia Text, Video and images
Emily Jackson Law Reproduction, Genetics and the Rule of Law Text; video: Interview and photographs
Susannah Morris (Dr.) Social Policy Social Policy: From the Victorians to the Present Day Text, video: Interview and short doc; Images:photographs and illustrations; flash: slide show.
Leslie Sklair (Dr.) and Anthony Giddens (Professor) Sociology The Globalisation Debate Text; Images: illustrations and adverts; video; flash
Nick Tiratsoo Business History Unit (BHU) Waking Up to the Electorate: The Making of the British New Labour Party (Joint LSE/CUP seminar) Video: Interview; poster images, cartoon and table.
Rosalind Gill (Dr.) LSE Gender Institute Rethinking Masculinity: Men and Their Bodies Text; video: Interviews with Ros and Ajamu X; Images: photographs, adverts, magazine cover